CPA Firm Succession

If you’re an equity owner of an accounting firm, you’ve worked a lifetime to build the business. You’ve invested in staff and nurtured your clients. While you’ve been spending your time advocating the importance of planning for the future to those around you, take a moment to consider whether you’ve done the same for yourself.

Whether you’re nearing retirement age or actively building your business and are looking to join a team with expanded resources and a solid infrastructure to support your efforts, it’s important to know your options. 

Warady & Davis LLP has successfully completed 20+ mergers and acquisitions as part of its controlled, profitable growth strategy. These acquisitions range from sole practitioners to 10+ firm members. We have a proven process in place and a team of experts including Partners, operations, marketing and administration that will support you each step of the way in your decision making process and to ensure a smooth transition.

Start a conversation with Warady & Davis LLP’s fellow CPAs who have successfully transitioned their practices, to discuss:

  • Why or (why not) merge
  • When to start
  • Top factors in the selection process
  • Due diligence
  • Cultural considerations
  • Distilling the process into steps for success
  • Mistakes & pitfalls to avoid
  • Retaining & transitioning clients
  • Insurance & legal considerations
  • Your questions & more

Contact Richard Franklin, CPA, Co-Managing Partner to discuss your succession options with W&D.